“I’m a big deal…”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if we got people to do shots out of this blow up dolls mouth?” 

Probably the first words Prince Terrence had ever heard me say. It was the OM Records roof top party on this alcohol soaked rooftop in South Beach Miami. I might have met him before back in the city but God if I could remember. That Miami sun is like a Jehova’s Witness that wont take no for an answer, pleasant at first but then waaay too much. We were only at that party for like 30 minutes until I lost my ride to some exstasy and a fold out beach chair. By the time the blunt was put out in the astray Mark wanted nothing to do with socializing. I was just collecting business cards. I never knew why people gave me their bisiness card, I would only use them for scooping up illicit stuff . I don’t like making phone calls. Texting and email even less. And plus I do nothing important. Nothing. At all.

“Ayo we’re going to Mark Ronsons”

“No whe’re not, God! I don’t think we can all go… Like who are these people?

“Yo chill we all good, what we got Spank Rock here we got lloyd in the back we got Oh…”

“Who the fuck is Oh!?”

Excuse me?

“Yo back in New York I’m a big deal…”

That Navigator exploded in laughter.

Between that exchange by Blu Jemz, Lax, and myself plus Spank Rocks scarf you could’t stop the jokes. I truly believe if we were all on Twitter then #spankrocksscarf would have been a trending topic. It was 104 degrees inside that packed Lincon and we were waaay beyond capacity. Our truck needed a fire marshall and an air conditioner that could stand up to that Miami heat. That air condition backed down like it was 12 and the sun was his dad. Oh hello traffic! Traffic was also hangin out with us. 
We had just left The White Room in Downtown Miami with no sure direction but hey it was WMC 08 at 8am. When in doubt just go to South Beach. It helped that my old school friend from New York now lived in Miami and owned a truck. After some frantic cell phone ping-pong we finally agree on the OM Records rooftop party. The “Big Deal” and his plus one with a car will be attending as a guest of Blu Jemz, mind you this is his first time ever meeting me. And that’s how I introduced myself.
Well hey I did come through with the ride.
And now I’m on this roof with this blow up doll soaked in molly dunked in beer with all this minimal techo and all this sun and all these people and hey we are leaving already? Ok let me get ready I need a smoke where are we going? iPhone? Lost it. To go cup? Check. Shades? On my neck. Jeans? Polkadots by PegLeg NYC. What? I saw the big sign on the sliding doors. Saw it a  million times in my million runs to the bathroom:
The forces we already rounding up. Everyone I came with was moving in these rapid hushes of secrets within circles. Are we finally going to Ronsons? Is there a better party? Would there be MORE MOLLY? Everyone is now in the apartment huddled in a “we gotta go” frenzy. My plus one was already outside on the beach, due to his drunken urge to tan. it is now about 11am. Get to him get to the group get the car, Got it. I open the sliding doors and start to make my way towards my burned out bunch. All of the sudden some lady in the middle of a nervous breakdown grabs me by my arm.
“You can’t smoke inside.”
“Oh I know I just got this cig we are walking out…”
“Here, let me show you the door.”
In one swooping motion she takes me off my direct path to my new friends towards this door on the left. By the time I can ask her to let go off my arms the door shuts behind me. I gather my senses and realized I’m alone in an alley.
The “Big Deal” had been kicked out.
The 2 video’s below are by Prince Terrence and his band Hussle Club and Blu Jemz and his set The Hardy Boys. Yes I am eating chicken that video. See you guys Saturday.

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